Trump’s Nevada Rigging Backfires As Biden Get Nearly Twice As Many Votes

Even with Trump rigging the GOP Nevada caucus so that he could run essentially unopposed, President Biden still nearly got twice as many votes in the Democratic Nevada primary.

Here are the rough numbers:

Biden got 112,611 votes in the Nevada Democratic primary.
Trump got 59,545 votes in the Republican caucus.

The vote total for Trump was so low because the former president conspired with the Nevada GOP to rig the process. The Nevada Republican Party put Nikki Haley on the state-run Republican primary ballot, which the party decided would award no delegates, and held a special caucus in which Trump was the only major candidate on the ballot, which awarded 36 delegates.

Trump did this so that he could claim unanimous support from Republicans, but the truth is that Trump probably would have finished in the 60s in terms of percentage of votes if Haley had been on the ballot.

Donald Trump appears to hate democracy. Trump hates the Republican primary system. He can’t stand that he is facing competition and has tried to get the RNC to anoint him as the Republican nominee.

The former president is going to extreme lengths to hide his weaknesses and project strength, but the stunt backfired and made Trump look like a weak candidate who is hiding from the democratic process.

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