Jamie Raskin, the ranking member of the House Oversight

Committee (D-MD), has reviewed newly provided documents by the FBI and stated that they do not contain any mention of Biden bribery. Raskin clarified in a statement to PoliticusUSA that the documents, in response to Chairman Comer’s request, are unrelated to the corruption allegations made by the majority. He emphasized that Chairman Comer’s suggestions to the contrary are unfounded. The documents, involving a confidential human source, provide information unrelated to corruption allegations involving the Bidens. The only reference to the Bidens in the documents was a “brief, non-relevant” mention of Hunter Biden’s position on the board of Burisma and his relationship as Joe Biden’s son, facts that were publicly known in 2017. The FBI confirmed that no references to the Bidens were redacted.

Committee Republicans are attempting to revive baseless allegations against President Biden, originally put forth by Rudy Giuliani and previously investigated by the Justice Department during the Trump administration. Rep. Raskin asserted that this effort is a transparent distraction from Donald Trump’s indictment and the failure of Congressional Republicans to find any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden despite years of investigation. It is suggested that House Republicans are relying on the baseless bribery allegation to divert attention and potentially challenge President Biden in 2024. However, these allegations lack substance, and the Republicans’ attempts to undermine President Biden have been fruitless.

Rep. Raskin’s assessment of the situation is accurate, as House Republicans’ reliance on baseless allegations has proven unsuccessful. Their pursuit seems to be aimed at deflecting attention from Trump’s indictment. It is time for House Republicans to move on from this failed plot, as they are relying on Russian disinformation and making no progress.

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